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Industry Education
Occupation Second Grade Teacher
Location California, United States
Introduction I'm a blissful twenty-something newlywed and new-ish teacher. My life is truly a juggling act. I'm constantly striving for balance and to achieve something in this world. Somewhat reluctantly of course.
Interests learning, teaching, reading, film, b-movies/horror movies, zombies, hiking, really good beer, playing piano, singing, sarcasm, puppies, travel, anything british, living life to the fullest
Favorite Movies monty python and the holy grail, seven brides for seven brothers, dead alive
Favorite Music classic rock, oldies, motown, vocal jazz, cheesy 80's anthem rock, musical theater, pretty much anything I can sing embarrassingly loudly in the car
Favorite Books elementary school favorites still are: where the red fern grows, to kill a mockingbird classics I could still read all day: all agatha christie books, and all sherlock holmes recent favorites: jonathan strange and mr. norrell, middlesex

Your people want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?

The statue will commemorate my victory over the zombies during the zombie apocalypse. My "people" will include a ragged band of survivors of different nationalities and levels of sassiness. It will be made by pasting a picture of my face over the Venus de Milo because pretty much everyone in the world will be dead, including the sculptors.