About me

Introduction Gandalf is the short-haired mischievous Gray one who is very askeered of thunderboomies. He really, really likes to eat. He can hear foods from a dead sleep at the other end of the house and still always manage to be first in line. Grayson is the long-haired floofy Gray one who loves absolutely everybuddy...well, except for Whitey, but he at least tolerates him pretty good now. Grayson not only never hides from anybuddy, he greets them at the door. Whitey is the sweet, fluffy White one who everybuddy loves. He will sit in anybuddy’s lap and let them brush him and give him scritches, but he is definitely his Momma’s boy. Whitey has been known to wear a sore spot on your skin from giving too many smoochies. Gracie is the long-haired Gray & White one and the only girl kitty. Momma says Gracie is too smart for her own britches. She can open kitchen cabinets and louvered closet doors. She likes to take naps in Momma’s office trash can. She would gladly trade all of three of her BrOTHERS for one pink sparkle-y ball.

Sponges and tongues are frequently misspelled. Is it because both are thirsty?

We're not cat-blogging anymore - mostly this blog is just a place to for Momma to keep a photo journal of us. Which means we've come full-circle... that's the reason Momma started our original cat blog in the first place. :]