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Industry Transportation
Occupation Director of Logistics
Location Chesapeake, Virginia, United States
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Introduction Things have changed a lot in the Tramontana household over the last few months - and I am a newly single mom of three kids under six. The kids are adjusting as best as can be expected and they enjoy the time they get to spend with Mommy and Daddy separately now. They will always have their half sister and brother in their lives and if I get updates on them I wil certainly share with everyone. I have the best friends and family for being so supportive during this time of change!!
Interests Besides making honey? Potty training, crisis management (sharing toys!), cleaning up spills, picking up toys .... oh yeah, I also like to blog and read. In my spare time. Oh, I love taking pictures...I take zillions of them. Some good....some bad.
Favorite Movies Anything Ben Stiller makes me laugh ... Romantic comedies are my favorite. Also love thrillers, FBI/serial killer type - though since I've become a mommy it's harder to watch that kind of stuff (but of course, I still do!!)
Favorite Music We listen to pretty much everything here - except country and rap. Sam's iTunes has like 30, 000 songs on it....so as you can imagine our likes range from song-to-song and you never know what might pop up on our stereo or iPod. Love new suggestions ....if you've got any please share!
Favorite Books I go from James Patterson books to Jodi Picoult books. Have to balance out the FBI crime thrillers (which have always been my favorite) with the family/feel good /love stories. :) Favorite recent book - Jodi Picoult's Nineteen Minutes ...amazing story behind that book. If you know of any good authors you can recommend... please let me know! Recently read Eat, Pray, Love ... loved that.

When your science teacher smashed a frozen rose with a hammer, did you warm the petals to bring them back to life?

HUH? I must've missed this experiment for sure. (Is this a trick question??)