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Location New England, United States
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Introduction Hi! I've looked at tutorials and videos on how to do makeup or tips for computers for years, but somehow none of them seemed to cover exactly what I was looking for. One thing that I found frustrating was the emphasis on expensive products versus utilizing everyday items. So here you go--beauty tutorials, reviews, and tips, in addition to little make-life-easier tricks I've stumbled across along the way.
Interests Reading, Hair, Makeup, Technology, Writing
Favorite Movies Star Trek (2009), Inception, Spirited Away, The Hunger Games, The Emperor's New Groove, Pitch Perfect, Alien, Shutter Island, Prometheus, Howl's Moving Castle
Favorite Music Metropolis, The Sound of Madness, Send Me On My Way, Titanium, Starships, SFRC in C Minor, Too Close, Carry On My Wayward Son, The Final Countdown, Alone Again (Naturally)
Favorite Books Lilith's Brood, the Crystal Singer trilogy, Molly Moon, Jane Eyre, In a Sunburned Country, A Walk in the Woods, The Historian, the Abhorsen trilogy

The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:

Once there was a frog on a log without a dog or a hog so he decided instead of a pig he'd just get a wig and think about all of these things as he sings and cries under the sky as lonely his heart flies