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Gender MALE
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Location Flyoverland, United States
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Introduction This is the web site of an old fart from Flyoverland (fly-OVER-lund). Me and mine live in a highly fortified lair in the mountains of Ohio. Flyoverland is a ginormous chunk of territory consisting mainly of farms and fracking wells. It's what the cool kids from DC, NYC or Siliconia see if they look out the window. My goals are to entertain, poke the bear, and perhaps find a way to make some money via my feeble scribbles. Thanks, and God bless (help) us, every-one. I can be bought. If you're an adoring fan or If you're interested in publishing or syndicating me before I become famous (and the price goes up dramatically) you can contact me at:
Favorite Movies Forrest Gump, TV Show: Deadwood
Favorite Music Jazz, Blues and anything by Beethoven
Favorite Books Love and Pain - Golas / Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu / The Hotel New Hampshire - Irving/ Economics In One Lesson - Hazlitt/ The Righteous Mind - Haidt/ The Neurotic's Guide to Avoiding Enlightenment - Neibaur