About me

Occupation corporate lackey
Location London, England
Introduction Observations from a scatterbrain, organised, coulrophobic, messy, hopeful, partly growed up and responsible, partly 8 years old, soppy, sarcastic, optimistic, story telling, ginger ninger, kiwi, little bit eccentric, romantic, grammatically radical, apprentice poet, hugger, more smarts than your average bear, list-maker, cynic, coffee addict, vodka drinker, glass-three-quarters-full, chocolate devotee, traveling, mad hatter, fur-person owner... with an obscenely large lust for life.
Interests Strong hot black coffee, hugs, the possibility of aliens, the possibility of God, beautiful clothes over lacy lingerie stockings and handmade leather shoes, the last post on ANZAC day, European architecture especially Gaudi, organic shapes, the poetry of T.S Eliot, Mary Oliver, ee cummings, playing tennis, the colour red, a well turned phrase, getting ready for a big night out, bubble baths, Issey Miyake, John Campbell, baking carrot cake for someone I love, the departure lounge, traveling on trains, lying on a beach, emails from Little Brother, The Birth of Venus in the Uffizi, the mountains in the South Island of NZ, what Einstein said, the milky way, the letters of JP Satre and Simone de Beauvior, remote New Zealand beaches, making eye contact while making love, funky bars, a good steak (medium rare), 42 Below vodka, old movies, gadgets with sexy function and form, lexicon, Ian McKewan, Carol Shields, Margaret Atwood, finishing crosswords, running until my lungs burn, reading the Guardian, sad songs, chick flicks, 10 pin bowling, watching people, walking in the rain, scratching behind a cats ears, spooning, cheesecake, hot slow toe curling kisses, finishing projects, the sound of a soccer ball perfectly struck, putting together flat pack furniture, the hot chocolate in Bruges, the pintos in Barcelona, the bubbles in Epernay, pillow fights, Pictionary, Mum’s ginger cake, the sound of a wine cork popping, NZ Pinot Noir, white linen on tables for two, white cotton on king-size beds, feather and down duvets, competitive scrabble in front of the fire while the rain falls on the roof, strip poker and cigars, singing in the car on my own, laughing until my belly hurts, romantic gestures, pay day, planning the next travellytrip, whispering in the dark, stretching in the morning, loving what’s in the mirror.
Favorite Movies Annie Hall, Lantana, Sweet Home Alabama, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Muriels Wedding, Closer, The Station Agent, Garden State, The Last Kiss, We Don't Live Here Anymore, Little Miss Sunshine
Favorite Music Imogen Heap, Pink Floyd, Shapeshifter, John Butler Trio, Ray LaMontagne, Rachel Yamagata, Xavier Rudd, Jack Johnson, Counting Crows, Sarah McLachlan, Frou Frou, Zero 7, The Shins, Remy Zero, Coldplay, Sia, Jem, Death Cab for Cutie, Tori Amos, Nina Simone, Bessy Smith, The Killers, Kate Nash