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Gender Female
Location UT, United States
Introduction Hello, my name is )en. I started this blog in 2005 when blogs were brand new. They've evolved over time or fallen by the wayside, but not mine. It's basically the same as it ever was, and has been a true source of joy and love of my life. A documentarian by nature, I find it vitally important to record all of the hidden treasure found in the folds of a complicated life and give it my own hot little take. This blog is me and I am the blog. (Not Borg--blog.) This is my space even though there is no MySpace. This is my web log even though everyone forgot what it stands for. And because I believe so many of life's lessons can be learned from Star Trek and I think I might be really great at commandeering a federation starship, it's )en's log. These are my reports. Who I live with: Sean (husband). Julian (13yo son). Both of whom I blog about on the regular. Marshmallow Fluff (cat, the true source of joy for all of us) She's featured every now and then when I can summon the right words to capture her magic.