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Gender MALE
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Introduction When I am not climbing fells I read books, mostly children's books . I have been reading them all my life. When I was a child I read them just for myself, for love. In my middle years, I read them professionally so to speak - as a teacher, as a head teacher and later as a schools' English Adviser. I read them for myself and to children, mine and others. Many books, many children. And I still loved them, the stories, the magic. I hope I shared something of that love. Now I am an old man and time has come around. I read just for myself again - and still for love, for the child I was and am. Inside every sixty five year old is a twelve year old saying 'What happened?' Believe me it's true. I have long thought of the second half of the twentieth century as being the golden age for children's fiction. But now I am on a quest to see if contemporary writers of children's fiction are living up to the wonderous achievements of their predecessors. Join me, if you will.