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Industry Arts
Occupation artist
Location MA, United States
Introduction About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with an illness called full body "RSD" - it's a nerve disorder that's spread thru my whole body, is growing in intensity and can make ordinary actvities extremely difficult. I am in constant pain but the pain changes location , in effect, degrees and intensity day to day. One day my spine will hurt so badly I can't move and then next I'll lose feeling in the skin on my face. Most days, my feet are sensitive or completely numb. RSD also causes dizzying "spells" that produce nausea, excessive sweating and a feeling of complete disconnect. Sometimes I feel like I'm moving in a dreamy fog, sometimes I can't function at all because of the RSD fog - I spend those days in a bit of a frustrating, hallucinatory state. I talk about RSD but I don't live in it - I'm trying to live around it and in spite of it. Oh and I paint. Favorite places: New York City ; MOMA - ; AS220, Providence -
Interests Painting, drawing, screen printing, photography, photo processing; learning, reading, walking
Favorite Movies So many movies so little space.
Favorite Music Dave Matthews Band, Cake, Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Tom Waits Add: Lady Gaga I also listen to a lot of college music stations - I like new and independant.
Favorite Books Just about anything Irene Nemirovsky and Chuck Palahniuk as well as dictionaries, encyclopedias, reference and research material ; John Irving and bunches more.