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Gender MALE
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Community Journalist / Social Activist.
Location Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Introduction Destiny: Universal cosmic connections. I believe that we are perhaps part of a simple human structure here on Earth. That there is more superior life beyond our realm and that earthlings are on an experimental farm being researched for future improvements on our defective genes, attitudes, intelligence and ability to cohabit(at) or coexist. My philosophy is unique and therefore I am not open to convincing otherwise. I only know that our masters cannot solve our “attitude” problems here on Earth because they are too complex to comprehend. I am looking forward to a decisive win against the ANC in the 2009 Elections. Yes we can....
Interests Shooting, marathon, tennis, photography, poetry, cycling, motor sports, touring, history journalism. Fighting crime and injustices in society.
Favorite Movies Black Rain, Tears of the Sun, Uncommon Valour, The King and I, Serpico, Platoon, The Wire (Series), The man who sued Gog, What dreams may come, Dragonfly, Gladiator, National Treasure.Book of Secrets, Twin Towers. Too many to mention here.
Favorite Music Diverse, classics, pop, Beatles, country, Meat Loaf, Bryan Adams, Alphaville, current, Jacob Zuma.
Favorite Books Autobiography, history, conflict strategy, psychology, recorded crime, forensics. Silence of the Lambs; Red Dragon - Thomas Harris, KGB The inside story - Christopher Andrew & Oleg Gordievsky, Loginov Spy in the sun - Barbara Carr, The Rain Goddess - Peter Stiff, The road to Armageddon - Peter Stiff, The Mossad Dennis Eisenberg, Uri Dan Eli Landau, Eden's Exiles - Jan Breytenbagh, Sons and Lovers (HD Lawrence), Dances with Devils (Jacques Pauw), War by other means (Peter Stiff), Chickenhawk (Robert Mason), Traits of a terrorist (Billy Cox), KOEVOET! (Jim Hooper), Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, The fall of the judiciary (John Hlope), How I destroyed Zimbabwe (Robert Mugabe), How I failed South Africa (Thabo Mbeki), EO (Eben Barlow), Angels and Demons (Masons & Illuminati)(Dan Brown). Google counter has stopped - Citizen Alert.

The Revolution in Men’s Minds South Africa will never be free. The ANC has cooked its goose! The revolution is far from over The ANC is above the Constitution The only things you hear is past revolution and Apartheid wrongs. Jacob Zuma wants ethnic cleansing. (C) WEC