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Location Albuquerque
Introduction Working full time, momlete, vegetarian skiing triathlete, who is adjusting to life every day learning to love each part of it the good and the bad. Providing a small glimpse into my world and how I try to have it together and when I fail I get up and wipe off the dirt and try again, just like I try to teach my little guy. Always on the go looking for something new and exciting. Then when I'm out in nature hiking, skiing, cycling or taking pictures the serenity of the moment just hits me and I remember to sit and enjoy the silence... My favorite moment has been skiing a tree run in the middle of a snowstorm and just sitting there watching and listening. My biggest passion is exercise and I love motivating others to get in shape to feel good about themselves. My biggest fear is becoming stagnant or inactive.
Interests Triathlon, skiing, vegetarian, wine, beer, recipes, cooking, kickboxing, volunteering, outdoors, running, cycling, swimming, music, active mom

What's the most amount of sand you've ever had in your swimming trunks?

Probably about 1.5 cups worth after jumping off the top of a sandune and rolling...