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Industry Science
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Introduction I was born in the pre-dawn hours of a crisp February morning in 1966 in a little one-bedroom apartment behind the Alabama Theater in Montrose in the heart of Houston. I first saw the world as Brian Westworth Brooks until my grandmother informed my mother that the number of protruding body parts had been drastically miscalculated, that her grandchild was a she, not a he. As it turned out, my mother had been much too busy counting fingers and toes to bother with other jiggly bits. So Brian Westworth became Wendy Lynn, another fine name which served me well for all of two days. Upon signing the birth certificate my father surreptitiously changed my name one last time, ultimately introducing the world to Michelle Irene Brooks, one little girl big enough to have already lived the lives of three. While being totally Texan and living in or near Montrose the majority of my life, I have traveled the world and lived a life rich with love, laughter, heartache and adventure. I came into the world seeing it through different eyes and carry with me to this day a rich, unique perspective of the life breathing all around me and within me.