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Location Falcon, Colorado, United States
Introduction I love to laugh. I love to watch my kids grow in to who they are. I enjoy reading a book that can suck you into the page. I love the books that make you feel and make you look into your self. I love to plan, I'm not always that good at it but I love to think I am!! LOL I enjoy being loved by my husband. I love to feel his energy surround me! I wish I was better at journaling so I could look back and remember each moment. I love my life!!!
Interests I love to read, watch movies, driving in the car with no planned destination, capturing moments of my kids in a picture that I will remember and cherish forever, and I love hanging out and having a good laugh!
Favorite Movies The Color Purple, You've Got Mail, Wedding Singer, Princess Bride, Sandlot, Barbie in Repunzel, Harry Potter, Back to the Future; Oh there are so many more I can't put them all down. I love the ones that can make you laugh till tears. I also love the ones that can make you cry.
Favorite Music I love all kinds of music. I love classical, even though I couldn't tell you who it's by, I still love it. I couldn't live without Elvis, Cher, Carly Simon, the Beatles, and a good boy band!! LOL
Favorite Books Here's my thing with books. If I finish it then I loved it. If I don't finish it then it's not worth finishing to me. So, saying that I have read so many books I can't possible have favorites!