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Gender Female
Industry Student
Occupation Art student and part time illustrator!
Location The Milky Way, Earth
Introduction Im a full time Art student living in Wexford. On the side I like to draw and make things. About the Daily Fishbowl...well,its a sometimes but usually not very daily blog that will focus on Art and hopefully random interesting things. I'm completely awful at answering my phone or messages, so sustaining a blog should be interesting.
Interests Art-especially drawing and painting but I do dabble in sculpture. Reading-History or archaeology, Sherlock Holmes. Music-Helps with the art.I'm utterly talent-less at music, but I love Florence and the Machine, The Foo Fighters, Hans Zimmer, Murray Gold....
Favorite Movies The Illusionist, Sherlock Holmes (see a trend forming?), The Woman In Black, 500 Days of Summer, Lord of the Rings (especially all the behind the scenes content), Blade Runner, Howl's Moving Castle and Spirted Away (have brilliant soundtracks also...) The Phantom Of The Opera, A Series of Unfortunate Events...

Well, maybe they don't need them, but don't you think that some fish might like a bicycle?

Indeed I do, and it's sad really. Every day I see my own fish stare longingly out the window at my own bike, and i feel instantly guilty. Then I remember that they are fish, and may just be staring at their own reflections. That kind of puts it all in perspective for me. Now if your dealing with Flying Fish, well that's a completely different story.......