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Gender MALE
Occupation Writer
Location VA, United States
Introduction I first encountered running in middle school, where I ran the quarter-mile for a track team that, to my recollection, never won a meet. I distinctly remember practice on Wednesdays, when the coach let the milers and cross-country runners have their way with us. I absolutely hated those long runs. On more than one occasion I hid in the woods with the shot-putters and discus-throwers to avoid the pain and suffering. The next time I approached running, I was in college, searching for a way to drop some weight. This time, however, I tolerated the long runs simply because I knew they burned lots of calories. I discovered road racing as a means of motivating myself to run longer distances. Five-kilometer fun runs turned into 10-kilometer fun runs. Before long I was running my first marathon. Like many young runners, I was naïve and understood little about proper training, diet, hydration, and so on, and it became painfully obvious after about 18 miles. Somehow, I fought through the pain and finished in 3:38. But I would never do that again. At least that’s what I thought...
Interests I wish I could be a:, cartoonist, filmmaker, screen writer, musician...
Favorite Movies American Movie
Favorite Music Disco Biscuits, moe., Jacob Fred Jazz Orchestra, Grateful Dead, Garaj Mahal
Favorite Books pulp science fiction