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Gender Male
Industry Law
Occupation Attorney
Location Chicago, Illinois, United States
Introduction I am a dinosaur. I’m an Ozzie and Harriet person living in an Ozzy and Sharon world. And sometimes it confuses the heck out of me.

I’m married – just once – to the same Long Suffering Spouse for almost 40 years now. I have five children, currently aged 29 to 38, and ten grandchildren, aged 9 and under.

I’m a lawyer by trade. A judge once told me that I shouldn’t write legal briefs, I should write comedy. Or perhaps he said my arguments were comical. I can’t remember exactly.

I live in the City of Chicago. My Older Daughter went away to school and people asked, “Chicago? But which suburb?” But, no, we actually live within the City limits (official motto, urbs in horto; unofficial motto, ubi est mea?).

I started this blog with the expectation that the ad revenue alone would pay the tuition for at least one of my kids. In the meantime, I’d sort my offers from agents and book publishers.

Over time, I have been forced to temper these initial exuberant expectations.