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Gender MALE
Occupation Writer
Location Bloomington, NY 12411, United States
Introduction Born in the USA (barely), I am a patriot and a Zionist. A Harvard European History, I have also been a reporter, police officer,anthropologist,wholesale liquor salesman, private detective, organized crime researcher, published author, Native American art dealer, college teacher,and Life Coach. And the best is still to come.
Interests World history from 100, 000 B.C., evolution, Torah, Raja Yoga, adventure travel, gardening, cooking, women, neurobiology, cats, Boston Red Sox, kettlebells, seakayaksBos
Favorite Movies Blazing Saddles, Charlie Chaplin, Marx Brothers, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Springtime for Hitler, Kurosawa and Ichikawa, Children of Paradise. Get the idea?
Favorite Music All of Bach, anything played by Yo Yo Ma, Billie Holiday, early Bob Dylan, Charlie Christian, chanting, Tibetan flute
Favorite Books Gilgamesh, Bhagavad-Gita, Ezekiel, Samuel and Judges, The Odyssey, Tacitus, Thucydides, Tale of Genji, on to Perec and Nabokov for openers.

What would the world be like if the United States of America did not exist?