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Location Indiana, United States
Introduction I have been researching my family and my husband's family for some time now. In my research I have been able to trace most of our families from England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Moravia, Germany, Holland and Switzerland. The first were the colonial New England families on my dad's side, and the Appalachians and colonial Tidewater Virginia on my Mom's side, we have French Huguenots to New Amsterdam and Pennsylvania, Anabaptist, Quakers,Mennonites, Puritans,Baptist, Methodist,Presbyterians, Lutherans, Moravians. Most of our ancestors came to Colonial America and helped start towns and build churches, fought in all the wars. I also have paper trails to European Kings, and have 8 of the 25 signers of the Magna Carta along with King John, that were ancestors of my colonial American English ancestors, no way to know if it is true, as being that far back there could be a child born out of wedlock, but as far as paper trails go, I do have that.I'm going to use this blog to tell their stories and maybe to get help with my brick walls.
Interests Genealogy, vegan, gardening
Favorite Music Celtic, bluegrass, and country, but my favorite is Celtic.