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Occupation Woman in Love with Faith
Location Half Moon Bay, California
Introduction Friends call me Terry. "I love being Catholic!" I say it all the time. I am passionately Catholic. Ask anyone! I am a widow with 7 married sons and 15 grandchildren. I am old - I can't believe I am this old. In less than a year and a half, I will be 80. How can that be? Inside I am only 22. My life has been pretty wonderful - 2 very happy marriages with 2 incredible men (they were both engineers and good friends) but they won't send for me - one (physically) died at 31 and the other at 79. They both have Eternal Lives. I am happy - never get depressed - and love my life. I write a lot and am going to enjoy the blog! I love our sons - it is wonderful to have most of them so near. They are loving, faithful and caring husbands and fathers - great family men who love their wives and children. I am blessed! http://terryfenwick.blogspot.com/ terry fenwick - SAINT IN TRAINING is officially launched Technical as a Blind Cat
Interests Passionate Catholic! I mean I love being Catholic. I actually have that on my auto license frame. Was not Catholic until I was 71. Read Coming Home on my blog. http://terryfenwick.blogspot.com/2011/03/coming-home-terry-and-tom-hand-in-hand.html So anything and everything to do with my faith is what I am interested in. I love people - always did but now I find that, because I am so much older and have so few years left, I want to spend time with Catholics who can teach me everything they know. I love the WORD of GOD, EWTN, books and books, and even more books. My husband and I both taught the Bible for many years and loved it, knew it and we brought all the knowledge of years with us into our Catholic faith. We lost nothing but gained everything. We did not have the Holiness of the Saints, Angels and the "Blessed" Mother. We learned so many new and wonderful TRUTHS - and now that Tom has gone Home, I am still learning all these wonderful things I missed in the past. It is endless but there is more and more to learn and I pray to learn up until the day the Lord comes for me! My interest is GOD.
Favorite Movies Rebecca was always my favorite movie. Mostly because the new Mrs. DeWinter never had a first name - we have no idea what her name is. I actually know every line in the movie. I can do Mrs. Danvers very, very well.
Favorite Music I do not like all of any music - I have a favorite singer but only for a few songs - and I don't like noise - so jazz is seldom a favorite but when I like it, I love it. Classical, especially romantic classical, is a favorite. I have the most eclectic iTunes - and sometimes I am surprised to see that on the same day I will have played Willie Nelson and Chant - with a bit of Linda Ronstadt - only a song or 2 - but I love music.
Favorite Books Anything and every thing written by Mike Aquilina, Scott Hahn and all the great Catholics - like say - Pope Benedict XVI who is the greatest of all!!! I have books in the thousands, for sure. It is where my money goes. Even my iPad has copies of my favorit books, Bibles and dictionaries, because on the day I go to the old folks home, I will have my books. Books are wonderful. Catholic writers are amazing. Even those still living. Mike's books on the Early Church Fathers are so important to my life.