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Gender Male
Industry Arts
Occupation Graphic Designer
Location Cincinnati, OH, United States
Introduction ☺ Skydive
☺ Go skiing
☺ Buy a motorcycle
☺ Buy a house
□ Bungee-Jump
☺ Finish remodeling my bathroom
☺ Read 2 full books a year (yea I know, I don't read much)
□ Wife
□ Visit Africa
□ Visit South America
☺ Eat a new type of meat
☺ Create a youtube video with over 10,000 hits
□ Have kids
□ Have some of my comics or illustrations published
☺ Go rock climbing
☺ Increase giving
□ Read the New Testament twice this year
□ Pick up 20 more hitchhikers
□ Keep my car clean
□ Ride a bull
☺ Have party at my house
☺ Preach at my home church
□ Eat 2 pieces of fruit a week (hey don't judge me)
□ Break a world Record
□ Grill out more often
□ Be in a movie
☺ Plant a garden
□ Use my reusable shopping bag more often
□ Ride a 4-wheeler
☺ Do the Polar bear plunge
□ See the Indian mounds
☺ Bring 12 new people into my church this year
☺ Stop making fun of the French
□ Ride and Ostrich
□ Challenge an Olympic athlete to a game of Paper Rock Scissors
Interests Jesus, Auctions, Antiques, Comics, Church, People, Rob Bell, Cincinnati, Ohio, Fun, Vineyard, West Side, The Office, Survivor, TV
Favorite Movies Adams Family, Freaks, Search for the Holy Grail, Man on Fire
Favorite Music Skillet, Switchfoot, Relient K, DC Talk, Newsboys, Family Force 5, John Ruben, Grits, Flyleaf, Fireflight, Joy Electric
Favorite Books The Bible