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Gender Male
Occupation Pilot
Location New York, NY, United States
Introduction 55 years old and I've recently, (around June or so 2010), come to some decisions and have put up my tent smack dab in the middle of the Vegan camp. I still ponder such things as to how far to drill down into ingredient lists and the role that ancillary things to the animal industry such as belts and shoes play but for now I do the absolute best to order vegan dishes and of course still cook 100% Vegan. I won't throw out my non vegan clothes but will no longer purchase anything made primarily from an animal, (leather, wool, etc.). I'm pondering a podcast just to throw out my opinion, (why not? Seems as if everyone else with one has a soapbox), on just such topics as veganism, diet, lifestyle, clothing, decision making process, resources, where we get the most bang for the buck, and other such musings. Stay tuned. I refuse to eat rabbit food and salad exclusively, (although find myself leaning towards Dr. Fuhrman and nutritarian meals more often than not. I travel as a charter pilot for a living so when this blog is almost an answer to those who can't fathom finding vegan food in restaurants.
Interests "Is today your V-day?" I don't have a desire to convert everyone to the V lifestyle. I don't think it's possible although the world sure would be a better place if we could and perhaps in 300 years it will happen but today ... what can we do today? If we could get everyone to start so small, so teeny tiny small, for whatever selfish reason, to have a vegan or vegetarian (healthy like, ok?) meal just once a week, think of the benefits the planet would reap? If we could have a day a week or day a month where everyone ate only vegan food consider the impact. So I ask, "Is today your V-day?" Imagine the restaurants with their daily specials...Meat, Fish, Poultry, Vegan. Imagine the change just that would bring.
Favorite Movies Food, Inc.
Favorite Music Dead