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Gender MALE
Introduction A reformed couch potato, in 2007 at age 46, after 20 years of a sedentary job and a sedentary lifestyle, I decided I had two choices: accept that, physically, I had seen my best days and ahead lay nothing but decline enroute to the grave, or get off my butt and do something about it while I was still basically healthy and capable of exercising. In my job I am a software engineer and sometimes software project manager. I am a 'hacker' - not the kind that can sneak into your computer and mess with your stuff (though I could probably figure out how to do that if I was evil) but the kind that dabbles in new things, figures out the 80% of what you need to know to be dangerous with them, and then puts them to work. I apply that job skill to my physical development and my running - which is what this blog is about.
Interests Ultrarunning