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Industry Technology
Occupation Startup Founder/CTO
Location San Jose, California, United States
Introduction Not tiny, but that’s my nickname. Quick to argue. Glock26 has never kicked my ass! Old fashion conservative; less government, states rights, personal responsibility, over taxed, we should pay more of our own health care expenses, death penalty, abortion (with limits and consent for minors), unions are socialism, welfare time limits, affirmative action is reverse discrimination, we need NO new laws for race, sex or religious protections. Homosexuality is a genetic defect in the human species. AIDS/HIV is preventable. All profiling is an appropriate law enforcement tactic. Responsible gun ownership. Trees with lights and ornaments in December are Christmas (not holiday) decorations. Our borders should be tight as a drum. Illegal aliens should be rounded up and sent home. We should teach more kids to build things with their hands. We shouldn’t give kids medals for just showing up in sports. Just because some around the world hate us doesn't make what we do (that they hate) wrong. Most around the world are jealous of what we have. Real freedom, true democracy and free market capitalism threaten those in power in nearly every country where there is anti-American sentiments.
Interests Lifting Iron, Golf at http://www.pasatiempo.com/web/, House Projects http://www.pbase.com/syankovich.house, Family, Cooking, Technology, wine, single malt, small distillery gin, cigars
Favorite Movies The Rope, The Caine Mutiny, Big Jake, The Green Berets, The Longest Day, Alfred Hitchcock/Jimmy Stewart collaborations, 12 Angry Men, Midway, Mister Roberts, Battle of the Bulge, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Tron, Saving Private Ryan.....
Favorite Music Everything from Mozart, to Billie Holiday, to the Eagles, to ACDC, to Maroon 5, to Johnny Cash
Favorite Books Most books by James Gleick (Chaos, Genius, Faster, Issac Newton)