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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation Writer/Co-host of Reviews on the Run
Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Introduction I'm a writer who lives in Vancouver. I co-host a daily TV show called Reviews on the Run with my friend and colleague, Victor Lucas. Our show airs daily, across Canada, on City TV and G4. Starting in the Fall, you can watch us in the U.S. (check your local listings). You can see us in action right now at Follow me on Twitter @ScottCJones.
Interests 1. Cats. 2. Videogames. 3. Victor Lucas. 4. Cats. 5. Frozen pizza. 6. Lettuce. 7. Cats.
Favorite Movies Jo Jo's Fun Town, Hillbilly Rodeo, Mark of the Hell Nun, Revenge of the Terrific Wig, Rodeo Jerk, Tall Fart 2.
Favorite Music I'm teaching myself how to play the slamjo (a futuristic kind of banjo). Actually, the slamjo doesn't exist. But I wish someone would invent it.
Favorite Books The Bible, The Bible II, Dictionary I, Dictionary III (Dictionary II sucked).

What's the best time you've ever had licking stamps?

My wedding night. Everything about my first marriage was just terrible, except for the night my ex-wife and I licked stamps at a Sandals Resort. If you've never been to Sandals you must go.