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Introduction My name is Christy and I am a mommy on a budget!! I have 4 fabulous kids and a wonderful husband who works hard to allow me to stay home. I had never been great with money, and when I had it I spent it. I had tried to start couponing several times but it was like yo yo dieting, I would start then stop. I finally realized that money didn't grow on trees and if we ever wanted to get out of debt I needed to start living frugally. I started couponing again but was on a mission this time. To not only be able to live off of my stock pile but donate from my stockpile to my church, family and friends. I have not been couponing long but have caught on fast and now it is rare that I leave the store with a savings of less than 50%. Is couponing a lot of work? Yes! Does it take a time and commitment? Yes! Is it worth it? Yes!!! It is not my goal to become as big as the other well known bloggers but it is my goal to help my close friends and family learn to save money and live frugally!!!