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Introduction As a former Foreign Service brat, Jennifer grew up in Korea, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Israel, and she worked in U.S. embassies in Stockholm and Rangoon. Later, she co-authored a book called Hard Sleeper, a murder mystery that takes place in 1930s Peking and Shanghai. She is now writing a second novel about China titled The Ming Bowl. Bushman currently resides in Toronto with her husband and two children. Recently it occurred to her that she could teach her children about the world through food. Now, she and her family have embarked on a unique journey. In her blog, Eat Planet. Discover the World, she chronicles their gastronomic adventures eating a cuisine from every country in the world, in alphabetical order, in a year. Bushman gets a kick out of the reactions she inspires when she tells others that she and her family have eaten mopane worms and kangaroo