Tempered Woman

About me

Occupation Paid to crunch lies and damn lies...
Location Denver, CO, United States
Introduction TOBAC- The 'Ol Ball And Chain, i.e. my hubby Monkey- my daughter Smaller font- my intellectually honest alter ego Email me: temperedwoman at gmail dot com
Interests It would be easier to list the things that don't interest me... self-important celebrities who think I give a shit about what they have to say on politics, talk show hosts who think screaming over dissenting opinion makes them sound smart, egomaniac professors who own sole proprietary rights on anything intellectual and correct, and bunnies (especially the ones in MY garden). Otherwise the rest is fair game.
Favorite Movies Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!!
Favorite Music (in no particular order): Nina Simone, Stereophonics, Martin Sexton, Linkin Park, Fugazi, Snow Patrol... Ahh, you thought this might actually lend insight into my jumbled personality, think again...
Favorite Books Crap- this profile stuff is hard. Top 3 are Ayn Rand, Tom Robbins, and Richard Russo. Recent fave reads include Sins of the Seventh Sister, The Golden Compass, Outrage, and Stumbling on Happiness. But that was just from this past month.

Your people want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?

Ah- to finally be queen of the world... A tribute in beautiful all-American granite. My triumphant stance holding out the perfect cake in my left hand with the American flag posted with my right, and Martha Stewart awkwardly pinned beneath my gigantic size 10 stilettos- Suck it Martha!