Clear Ayes

About me

Occupation Retired
Location Sierra Foothills, California, United States
Introduction We live on a hilltop in northern California, traveling when time and money permit. In addition to Europe, Great Britain and China, we've visited Ireland where I learned to appreciate "The Guinness" mixed with a shot of black currant syrup. Whilst there, I tried to pick up the affectation of using the word "whilst", but that didn't take. Our last vacation is always our "favorite" and New Zealand is no exception. No Guinness this time around, but I've discovered the NZ wine is excellent. Alas, "Whilst" still didn't take. Each day is good, especially when I laugh at things I used to take so seriously. I Can See Clearly Now Nowadays, my highest priority is pointlessly goofing off with friends and family. Happily, I have sufficient numbers of both.
Interests Reading lots of books (I love my new Kindle), a new interest in pastel drawing, movies, live theater (particularly musicals), cooking, traveling, spending time with the grandkids.
Favorite Movies Mostly oldies, The Red Shoes, Lawrence of Arabia, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The Quiet Man, The Lion In Winter, (the one with Katherine Hepburn), Singin' In The Rain, Cabaret, Schindler's List, La Vie En Rose
Favorite Music I still love the Beatles, Joni Mitchell and C S & N Never did like Y(oung) Even earlier to the music of the 1940's and 50's. Even more early to Puccini and Verdi operas and who doesn't like Mozart?
Favorite Books Anything by John Steinbeck, Douglas Adams, Garrison Keillor, Herman Melville, Lewis Carroll, Sigrid Undset, Salman Rushdie, J.D. Salinger, Shakespeare's plays, on and on.