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Introduction Steve McIntosh's expertise in wine can be traced back to the mid-eighties when he and his best friend snuck slugs of Valpolicella from a magnum in his parents' fridge. In the mid-nineties, finally of age, he made his first wine country trip to Santa Barbara county and the fascination really began. By the turn of the millemium Steve was the "Go To" guy for advice on wine and wine travel for friends, family, and colleagues. Since then he has traveled to wine destinations around the world, filled (and emptied) more than a couple of cellars, and tasted several thousand different wines in the process. His uncanny memory for all things wine-related has earned him more good-natured mocking than real respect. Still, somewhere along the way he managed picked up a certification from the Master Court of Sommeliers - more for the heck of it than anything. His qualifications as a writer are, well, limited, though his vast experience on the consumption end of the wine industry have made him a subject matter expert. So there. A writer only after wine o'clock, by day Steve is the head of product sales for a software company. He lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and daughter