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Industry Technology
Occupation work for myself!
Location Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
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Introduction I've been vegetarian for 12 years, vegan for three. I love cooking and exploring new tastes and flavors. I do like to travel and cooking is a way for me to travel in times when I've got to be home! I'm an occassional writer..I've written a travel tips article for VegNews in the past as well as many business publications. An adopted family of degus ("the Goos"..two sets of three brothers), two tanks of goldfish, and a bevy of bushy-tailed squirrels in the backyard keep us busy. After we rescued a baby squirrel in '04 we have become somewhat of the local experts on squirrels. We jokingly refer to ourselves as The Cambridge 911 Squirrel Rescue Squad. Matching jackets are in the works! =)
Interests Vegan cooking, vegan cookbooks, hiking, csas, goldfish, squirrels, writing
Favorite Movies Really varies on the time of year and my mood but recently we bought:, Goodbye Lenin, The Lives of Others, Pan's Labryinth, Run Lola Run
Favorite Music So eclectic..right now I confess that I'm really into Kate Nash's "foundations" song..also love the Eels, the Smiths, and Fat Boy Slim. Classical and jazz aren't bad either!
Favorite Books Oh I couldn't even begin to list them all..I LOVE to read. I'm especially partial to children's fantasy books like the Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter but some good adult fiction is cool with me too!

If there's no I in team, why is there meat?

Okay, this is a very weird question to give a vegetarian, Blogger!