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Introduction Got no idea why I have always liked music it started with childrens favourites in the 50's.The Dambuster's March and Sparkys Magic Piano. Noone else in my family had any interest in music. The big moment was listening under the covers with my little 'tranny' listening to radio luxenburg at 11'oclock Sunday night, the top 20. Who is this guy singing with a tired lived in voice....'don't critisise what you don't understand' this is what I think, but he is saying it and saying it better. The times were indeed changing. I have loved Dylan ever since and am still obsessed today as that first defining moment. I still cant't get enough of music and continue to search for that Jem 'daily'. I been with them all, Elvis, Beatles, Clash, Joy Division,Bob Marley,The Smiths,Abba,Hendrix etc.etc.etc. they have all had my attention at somtime... I love all types of music, if it turns my head, I like it....is there anything better than the feeling when 'that' song 'hits' for the first time. I have periods of music...my country phase, my dance phase, my soul, my reggae phase etc. Take music away and you take my blood away....until my next Musical Transfusion that is.