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Location Melbourne, Australia
Introduction Allow me to explain the rather curious name of this blog. One night, my significant other, whom I shall refer to as J, decided to make dinner over at my place. After flipping the entire kitchen upside down in search of salt, he finally asked, "Where do you keep your salt? I can't find it and I've looked everywhere." To which I replied, "Oh, sorry, I forgot that I ran out a long time ago." He looked at me like he has finally realized what kind of trouble he has gotten himself into. Then with a resigned sigh, he said, "You have 5 types of sugar but no salt?" This is a prime example of my ardent obsession with sweets. This blog is firstly a collection of my joys and grievances in the pastry kitchens, both at home and at work. It is secondly a sanctuary for my musings and other sweet treats that I have encountered, both edible and otherwise.