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Industry Education
Location Utah, United States
Introduction Brenda's a mother to three cute boys, a teacher of university writing, and an author of middle grade and young adult fiction. She supports making cakes, making games, making bubbles, making books...pretty much any kind of making is brave and awesome!
Interests Reading and telling stories like this one: Long ago, Brenda's parents insisted that their children clear their plates at every meal, so Brenda became skilled at slipping green beans to their dog, sliding soggy pears into the garbage on her way to load the dishwasher, and tucking squash under her tongue so she could swallow the veggies with no contact to her taste buds. One summer afternoon, however, nine-year-old Brenda was eating lunch with her little sisters—and discovered that the Red Delicious Apple she’d been given had the texture of mushy sand. But her mom watched, and the fruit would be discovered if she threw it away. Then she knew: she could stick the apple in her pocket, go to the bathroom, and flush the offending fruit down the toilet! The plan seemed foolproof—until the toilet overflowed. The plumber found the apple that evening, firmly caught in the U-bend of the pipes. Of course he showed her parents. Brenda blamed her one-year-old sister, but near bedtime she felt guilty and confessed. Her parents took $100 from her savings account to pay the plumber. That day little Brenda learned all about the consequences for honesty. Now she writes fiction. But she doesn't deserve the blame.