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Gender MALE
Industry Consulting
Occupation Retired
Location Dublin, NH, United States
Introduction I'm just this guy, you know? A Viet-Vet (67-68) with the USMC (66-70), computer engineer/geek. Spent 15 years designing and developing custom chips (ASICs & FPGAS) without a formal collage degree.
Interests Politics, astronomy, physics, photography, computers, internet, blogging, writing, candle making.
Favorite Movies Out of Africa, The Thing (J. Carpenter), Blues Brothers, Meaning of Life, Fight Club, A Fish Called Wanda, the Gods Must Be Crazy I&II
Favorite Music Classical, 60's, 70's, Blues, Jazz, Ballads, Folk
Favorite Books Too many, Mitchner, Pembrose, Zalazny, Heinlein, Feynman, Asimov, Ann Rand, Terry Pratchett, Larry Niven, many many more, sci-fi, fantasy, history, physics, mystery, spy, etc

In the dream where you show up to school naked, why do you never go swimming?

But I do, in the secretarial pool!