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Industry Arts
Occupation Radio/Video Production
Location Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Introduction AngelNaphtalie has been a radio broadcaster on WRCA 1330 AM Radio, "The Caribbean Connection", with David Martin & The Angel, since 1991. David Martin has recently moved the show to 'Big City Radio-101.3 FM radio. AngelNaphtalie appears occasionally on the show as guest Co-host. She has always been faithful to the show and it's listeners, and continues to do so. Angel is also on WCCR/CCTV on 'Angels Musical Point of View-Reviews' and 'RAW Reggae-I-Vibez, Aboard the Zion Train', two shows back to back. Starting at 10AM-2PM. Streaming on Fridays. Check it out. You will find many video's that Angel has produced under 'ANGEL7PRODUCTIONS' for CCTV. She has won several 'Hometown Video Awards' and 'National Video Festival Awards' as well. Angel gives alot, to her community, and friends, far and wide, with her special gifts and talents. She believes that if you create and give with LOVE in your heart, good things will happen for everyone and everything, that is touched by it. Angel7Productions, is where Angel sets up interviews, and short informational pieces to help her community to shine in the SpotLight. Enjoy!
Interests Music, Radio, History, Writing, and Making Videos. Most of all enjoying her children and their children. She loves her pets too. Especially Thomas the Cat, Tyke the Dog, (who has gone now to doggy heaven, yet still visits from time to time), and the four parokets. Plus all the wild birds who pass by. Angel loves nature, and nature loves her.
Favorite Movies Angel loves movies that touch her heart, and make you feel that you are there. So, there is no list here. She watches them carefully, for flaws, bad edits, bad actors, or locations, that make a movie, unreal. A good movie should move the view, or touch them. You should feel something, whether good or bad. It should also tell a story that could be real or at least believeable. Even if it is fiction. Story plots that have too many confusing plots, or thoughts about what it was about, leaves a bad taste. Angel loves good camera work, and can appreciate the knowledge from a professional camera operator. She is always learning new things, when it comes to creating videos and shows.
Favorite Music Angel is into Cultural Rootz Reggae, with Concious lyrics. That is what she plays, and supports. If you are an artist, and you want to send your music, email Angel and she will tell you where to send it.
Favorite Books Angel reads, reads, reads....One must learn as much as one can, about many things. That is why we are here, to learn, and be wise.

The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:

Once there was a Bald Frog with a wig who lived in a pond granting wishes to poor people. But if you already had money, he blew green bubbles instead.