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Industry Arts
Occupation illustrator
Location Brighton, United Kingdom
Introduction I am currently studying a BA in Illustration at Brighton University, level 2. Previously I was studing Womenswear at the London College of Fashion (aka University of the Arts), so I like to mix my spare time still making clothes designing prints etc... I have exhibited in various galleries when I was a freelance painter years ago. One really successfull show was at the Coffee Cake and Kink cafe in Covent Garden around 2004. Previously I have assisted alongside a polystyrene sculptor primaraly for the television and film industry, one occasion I worked with sculptor Kenneth Armatige Which was pretty special. At the moment I am really interested in Music videos, as I have featured in a few now, recent ones were OXBOW and a band called sweet sweet lies, this video should be out and up to veiw next month so I'l update on this when its out! Love going to is a passion, taste can vary but generally metal! ha!
Interests TATTOOS....Painting, drawing..of course!DOLLS, Fetish photographer 'Ellen Von Unwerth', VICTORIAN ERA, Allen Jones (artist), JAMES JEAN, JOEL PETER WITKINS, pens, ink, film noir, Black patent, Lace, wine, Redlipstick, Tim Burton, David lynch, eccentric/interesting beings, shoes, Brighton....
Favorite Movies Im a movie freak.
Favorite Music Influences are anything from, Lydia lunch, MELVINS, siouxie soux, NINA HAGEN, Queen Adreena, Pj Harvey, THE CURE THE CURE THE FUKIN CURE!!!! GLOVE, RAMONES, SEX PISTOLS, New York Dolls, Blondie, These new puritans, Neils children, ROWLAND.S.HOWARD, THESE IMMORTAL SCARS, Vile Imbecicles, Sonic Youth, The addicts, Voidoid, Slint, The Cramps, Arab on radar, isis, cat power, ButtholeSurfers, MISFITS, NickCave, Mariannefaithfull, Distillers, Bauhaus, Souixie soux& the Banshees, Rocket from the Crypt, Headless, The velvet Underground, Sebadoh, Butthole surfers, Smashing pumkins, Pavement, NIN, Mazzy Star, Eurythmics, The Kinks, Black sabbath, The Adverts, The Scars, Rolling Stones, Bikini kill, Riot Girls, RTX 80's matchbox b-line disaster, Gay for jonny depp, The Slits, Wanda Jackson, Serge Gainsberge, sisters of mercy, The Locust, Make up, Ramones, Clash, The cure, Joy division, Cult of luna, lapislagune, daisychainsaw, Bikinikill, Hole, fugazi, Devilish presleys, smog, mudhoney, trencher, Magazine, with scissors, Johnny thunders and the Heartbreakers, the zombies, brigett bardot, clash, DEAD BOYS, David Bowie, Iggy n the stooges, Jon spencer and the blues explosion, chinese stars, the scare, una corda, shona knife, peaches, aphex twins, TELEVISION, jeffersons airplane, Shocking blue, depeche mode, japan, holy molars, Lou reed, New York Dolls, ...leonard cohen, , syd barrett, p.floyed, Babes in toyland, Team sleep, ...ex models, ....Blah blah blah goes on...
Favorite Books Im a book freak.

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