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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Learning/Communicating/Teaching
Location Bourbon County, Kentucky, United States
Introduction Sprouted San Diego-CA. Interpellated through Midwest universities. Working the borderline South. This website is an ongoing document of the cultural derive (wanderings) of a Humanities professor and a series of ongoing archives for retracing my steps when needed. Trigger Warning: You may be introduced to concepts and ideas that may conflict with your worldview. Please remain calm, you are not required to adopt these ideas and/or integrate them into your lifestyle. All we are asking is that you consider how other people/cultures think/believe/live. Think, share and live fully - stay awake, stay wild, inspire others! Anti-Authoritarian, Dialogic, Cultivator, Sapiosexual, Nemophilist, Radical Democracy, Wanderer/Wonderer Feel free to say hi, provide comments, concerns, or suggestions, in the comments section on the posts.
Interests Pet projects include: finding a viable alternative/oppositional culture to mainstream publishing/bookstores; challenging dominant discourses through constructed situations; absurd pataphysics; wandering aimlessly, life as performance, and writing all the time (its not a job!--its an obsession!)
Favorite Movies Movies that play with our perception of reality, that explore our sense of values, and question where we are heading as a culture/society. Also appreciate pictures/depictions of other ways of being and cultural perspectives.
Favorite Music Funk music: Funk them if they can't take a joke! Indie Music!!! DIY Culture! Anything that gets the body moving or sets the mind adrift/thinking. Noise!!!
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