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Occupation Student
Location Santa Barbara, California, United States
Introduction My mom always said that if I were an Indian my name would be: Girlwhoplayswithfood. Excuse the political incorrectness of that, just know that statement says a lot about me. I admit I do play with my food on occasion but I think food should be fun! Though I’ve graduated from my days of hiding the gravy inside the potatoes and calling it "Mashed Potato Suprise", my attitude towards food is the same. Keep it fun, enjoy every bite, repeat. Since coming to college I've explored my freedom in more ways than one. Luckily this journey lead me to the realization that I'm the boss of what goes into my mouth and my body is a beautiful machine that knows exactly what it's doing. It's my job therefore to do the best I can to allow for optimum functioning. I began exercising and became obsessed with nutrition and fitness. Junior year of high school I stopped eating red meat and in my sophomore year of college I went vegan dun dun dun! Most people think vegan is extreme and well, it is! But it's not hard if you choose to make it convenient for yourself. My goal with this blog is to keep myself on track with staying healthy and motivated.