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Introduction Born in Croatia, where I was first introduced to the world of arts and crafts, linens, spindles, wools and looms. My real entrance into the world of spinning and weaving happened in late 2004 after attending a number of hand-weaving and spinning courses in Vienna, and I have, ever since, become a passionate handloom-weaver and spinner. I work with a variety of materials. Experimenting with the weaving patterns, with a variety of materials from very traditional handspun linens and silks, to my own woolen yarns made from angora rabbits, alpacas, merino and other kind of sheep. Lavender, wood branches, rose petals and various other materials I collect myself in the nature. My works are all individually designed and range from the small pieces for display to functional clothing and household items, scarves, stoles, fabrics, table runners, tablecloths, hats and bags.
Interests Weaving, spinning, photography, travel. Tkanje, predenje, fotografija, putovanja.