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Location Casa de Mil Perros, Texas
Introduction So my husband and I live in South Texas and share our living space (both inside and out)with various breeds and size of dogs. We moved from Austin to Brownsville about 4 years ago with only 2 dogs. Now our family has grown from 2 dogs to about 25 at last count. Most of these are discarded by their owners and left on the side of the road...which is where we usually find them. So this is my first shot at a Blog, so you must bear with me through this. I will probably blog about life, my artwork, and the artwork of fellow artist. I have recently begun selling my art on etsy. You can find me there at I love comments and questions so feel free to contact me as long as it isnt some sord of get rich quick scam. xoxo jen

Unlike a dog, how can a turtle ever be naked?

Unfortunately for the turtle there is at least one way, let's say the turtle falls on hard times and his house is foreclosed on, no shell...naked,