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Introduction Hello! My name is Adriana. I see the world and I relate to it mostly through the stories in movies, books, music ... The world of narratives is my favorite. I see, read, hear them ... I love stories, and I also imagine my own from those I meet every day. The love for fictional narratives was why I decided to study them in my post graduate studies. But just that is not enough. So I decided, with the character Amélie Poulain, to travel the world of stories in this blog. Here, I seek a new adventure: watch one movie a day for one year. Experiencing the world through cinema was a way to be aware of it as a child by movies and their stories. However, noticing a big gap in my filmography - and of course in my life -, this blog is a way to change that. And it was, at first, also a project to fulfill my empty days. Now those days are incredibly busy, but this dare is still on! I hope you enjoy this year at the movies with me and Amelie.