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Location Cascais, Portugal
Interests figuring out life, cooking, writing, anything funny, good-book-reading, embracing life in Europe.
Favorite Movies Pretty Woman, Pride and Prejudice (but the one with Colin Firth as the hubba hubba Mr. Darcy), Shrek, And Now for Something Completely Different, O' Brother Where Art Thou, Love Actually, Jet-Li's Hero cuz it was just so beautiful to watch, E.T.
Favorite Music Soca, Bob Marley and almost any kind of reggae, Soca, Dave Matthew's Band, Soca, chick stuff like Alanis, Nelly Fertado, Colbie Caillat, Sarah McLachlan, Old Fighting Irish Pub songs that my dad listens to.
Favorite Books Anything by Jane Austen and John Steinbeck, chick lit cuz we all need something light and easy once in a while, Celestine Prephecy, Many Lives Many Masters... lots more, but just can't remember them all. I love to read.

Who wants to give me a free trip to Trinidad?