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Brilliantly catchy chorus sections that will have you singing along after the second time around
- hEARD magazine

Top-notch. Great, smooth vocals, hooks abound...they’ve got the chops. Go Messyheads!
- punkplanet magazine

Connor’s writing is sharp and incisive.
- Jon Worley, Aiding & Abetting

Messyheads: 5 stars
Genre-bending...couldn’t be labeled inconsistent, because start to finish, it’s great.
- Origivation magazine

Crunchy and sunny, both musical and lyrical chops...hooks go flying! Soothing pop treats!
- in music we trust magazine

Should be sitting on the top of the charts!
- outershell

The tunes are catchy, original and modern with just enough edge...perfect alt-pop.
- Robbie,

"Messyheads is a band that consists of 1 guy writin’ and recording all the parts. He should clone himself and start playin’ out..." -