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Location Minnesota, United States
Introduction She who goes by the nick "Merc" is a twenty-something author with a wacky sense of humor. One day she might have a social life in the Real World, but she waits for the time when her maniacal presence doesn't send people running and screaming for the hills. (Not that she doesn't enjoy seeing them flee, but it does make potential acquaintances difficult to acquire.)
Favorite Movies Gladiator, Ben-Hur, Monsters, Inc., Van Helsing, The Little Shop of Horrors, A Bug's Life, Batman Begins, Hellboy, The Lord of the Rings (Peter Jackson's trilogy), TMNT, Iron Monkey, The Prestige, Hero, The Princess Bride, Frankenstein (2004 Hallmark production), Eastern Promises, Stargate: SG1, The A-Team, Wolverine and the X-Men, The Crow, Mulan, 12 Angry Men, Hero, Hot Fuzz, The Expendables
Favorite Music Nightwish, Tarot, Poets of the Fall, Thea Gilmore, lots of classical, movie scores, musicals, Within Temptation, Tiamat, Rammstein, Eisbrecher, opera
Favorite Books Far too many to list.