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Location Utah, United States
Introduction My name is Laura. I was born on a Thursday. And it's my favorite day of the week.

I love all good things: feta cheese, birthdays, microplane zesters, airports, white dishes, Gilead, parchment paper, thesauri, grapefruit, and fine-tip pens.

I dislike pickles and scraping ice on car windows. I used to dread going bowling, but I've recently changed my mind.

I'm a a writer and a teacher. I wish I could pursue degrees forever and spend months at a time studying abroad.

Even more than I love school and travel and writing and teaching, I love to dirty a clean kitchen with good food-- or not dirty the kitchen and simply go out for good food.

Married for three years, we're giddy in love-- love at first sight and every sight after. It's true.