Roger Chillingworth

About me

Industry Student
Introduction Hi there! Who's that man I hate so much? It's me! It's me! Neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it. Oh goodness, Michael Geoffrey Jones is fit to be squared! Why yes, I would like to give him a good seeing to.
Interests Green Day, The Office, scrapbooking, volleyball, music, photography, directing/editing vids, being deranged. Mwahaha
Favorite Movies Dead Poets Society, by a long shot-- c'mon, kiddies! Favorite actor is Marlon Brando. Gotta love those classics and foreign films.
Favorite Music Green Day! THE CLASH. and Green Day, and Nirvana.
Favorite Books Inkheart, Hannah Swensen mysteries...I can't really think right this moment. Oh my golly gosh! Tangerine rocked my world even though it is currently far far under my reading level!

It's a simple question really: would ya eat the moon if it were made if it were made of spare ribs?