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Industry Arts
Occupation Artist
Location McHenry, MS, United States
Introduction a mother, an artist, a good listener, an empathizer, a problem solver, a small business owner, a proud etsian, my own worst critic, a better person today than i was yesterday because of it, very intuitive, extremely open, fiercely loyal, deep but uncomplicated, easily distracted by shiny things & pretty stuff, able to find beauty at a garbage dump, not a fan of drama or feeling like i've wasted time or people who act ugly & derive pleasure from it or bugs that bite or liver or negativity so that's enough of that. i'm finally my own boss and i couldn't be happier. welcome to my head.
Interests art, art & more art, to include but not be limited to: mosaic, photography, oils, acrylics, watercolor, graphite, pen & ink, sculpture, and writing. i'm into color. design. inspiration. passion. improving myself. coffee. laughter. etsy. water. sleeping in. quirkiness. bargains. chocolate. honesty. big dogs. dragonflies. hot peppers. cold beer. boiled crawfish. character. painted toenails. rusted metal. the smell of johnson's bedtime baby lotion on will's neck. i'm also big on art appreciation... i don't care if you're a musician, thespian, jewelry maker, tattoo artist, or burlesque dancer... if you're feelin it, i'm diggin it. and that's the short list.
Favorite Movies not much time for movies, but when i do find the time i appreciate anything that can suck me in and hold my attention til the end. some favorites... 40 year old virgin. bourne identity. bourne supremacy. kill bill volumes 1 and 2. the italian job. the princess bride. sixteen candles. grease. breakfast at tiffany's. memoirs of a geisha...
Favorite Music all kinds. seriously. i can get down to that stuff they play at the chinese restaurant. okay, so mostly that's because i like to get down. some of my favorite CDs are pearl jam "ten", james taylor greatest hits, otis redding greatest hits, eva cassidy "songbird", nickle creek "this side", dido "no angel", and dr. dre "2001". that's right, i said it. XXPLOSIVE! sometimes i listen to classical while i'm working, but most of the time it's sirius coffee house. whatever i'm listening to, i always sing along. loudly. poorly. .. ..
Favorite Books right now, my favorite books are goodnight, moon. the very hungry caterpillar. guess how much i love you. and whatever payton's reading while she's curled up next to me. when i get the chance to read grown-up stuff, i read anything i can learn from. at this moment, i'm reading "the artist's way" by julia cameron