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Gender Female
Industry Technology
Occupation Crash Dummy
Location (Houston, Texas)
Introduction "A truly happy person can just enjoy the scenery on a detour."
Interests Other than space?? Sci-Fi, Travel, Hockey, Museums, History, Archaeology, Reading & Writing, Hiking, Cooking (trying anyway)
Favorite Movies Star Trek, Immortal Beloved, Matrix, Run Lola Run, Bette Davis
Favorite Books Carl Sagan, Alison Weir, Sharon K. Penman, João Magueijo, Albert Einstein, Anne Rice, Michio Kaku

Documents the experiences of human "pillownaut" test subjects in NASA's Lunar and Mars research programs. Tests include micro-gravity simulation, bed rest, centrifuge spins, etc. Includes detailed Q&A, data on the effects of weightlessness in the human body, space science, NASA insider stories, and information on how to qualify for studies that pay participants.