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Location philadelphia, PA
Introduction Hello, cooking and gardening are my main hobbies. I grew up cooking a lot and started cooking in the 2nd grade making eggs of course, but now I can make LOTs more! My family always had a garden. Mostly peppers and herbs in there, we like HOT foods probably because we're Asian. I make Very different food, I make a lot of Laotion food, if you don't know what or where Laos is, it's near Thai and share very similar cuisines. The difference is that Thai food is sweeter and more Americanized. Laos food is saltier and spicier. I went to school for web design, and didn't discover my passion for cooking until later, I always knew how to cook, so I never thought it was foolish to go to school for it but I was young and WRONG. So now, I just experiment with what I know on my own!
Interests cooking, gardening, computers, art design