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Industry Arts
Occupation Sandwich Artist - Deptuy Manager
Location Manchester, United Kingdom
Introduction I was originally here to sell my photography and hopefully be published due to the mass of poems I have wrote in my teen years, but now I'm here to vent, to hopefully offer some insight to a regular person's life style and to share things that make me smile :)
Interests Photography, Poetry, Music, Living, making sure people are aware they are loved!
Favorite Movies LOVE horrors, but I'm a sucker for a romance :)
Favorite Music All sorts really, music is everything and everything is music
Favorite Books I don't have a specific book I enjoy, because with every book you read you take something different from it. Whether that's the struggles of Tess to only be reunited with her lover to then be arrested for murder, or its the massive amount of gossiping that takes place in Pride and Prejudice!

You've just inherited a manufacturing plant that specializes in plastics. What are you going to make?

What if we were put here as a governmental experiment by a more advanced civilisation in the next galaxy?